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Mona Santos Ojeda: Leading Branch Manager

Mona Santos Ojeda's Bio:

In 2007, Mona Santos Ojeda was named one of the top 100 Leading Branch Managers in the entire nation by On Wall Street Magazine. Mona Santos Ojeda is a financial planner who works hard to make sure that everything goes according to plan. On Wall Street Magazine is one of the best sources of news for wealth managers, financial planners, and other top of the line people of Wall Street, and Mona Santos Ojeda is proud to be listed among the best.

Mona Santos Ojeda's Experience:

  • Financial Planner at Financial Planners Association

    In 2007, Mona Santos Ojeda was a member of the Financial Planners Association. Her membership in the FPA meant that Mona Santos Ojeda was among a large community of experts, including Certified Financial Planners and other professionals in the financial planning field.

Mona Santos Ojeda's Interests & Activities:

Finance, Business, Sports, Running, Community

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